Athletes take to the field every season to play the sports they love and enjoy. And they play hard!

As a dentist for over 20 years, a coach and a parent of hard-charging athletes, I have witnessed thousands of impact-related mouth injuries and heat-related trauma events. Attending to these severe and sometimes preventable injuries is the inspiration behind the development of the ThermoPact MouthShield.



ThermoPact MouthShield is a revolutionary athletic mouth guard that protects the athlete in two critical ways.  

First, its unique triple-layer design and patent-pending foam insert has been proven to absorb more energy than even the leading over-the-counter, boil-and-bite mouth guard. In independent testing, ThermoPact MouthShield absorbs 20-50% more overall impact energy, providing extra protection for teeth and jaws.

Second, ThermoPact MouthShield helps avoid dangerous heat-related injuries with an instant visual oral temperature indicator. Our patent-pending Thermo-Technology material noticeably changes color when an athlete reaches an oral temperature of 102°. This unique feature will enable coaches, trainers, parents, and athletes to head off and hopefully avoid heat-related dangers.


Developed by a trio of caring experts

To create the Thermopact MouthShield, I partnered with several professional experts, including a certified athletic trainer and high school football coach, and an experienced medical equipment engineer. Through research, production, and testing, we designed a uniquely effective MouthShield that will draw attention to the dangers of heat-related injuries while protecting teeth and jaws.


Protecting teeth + saving lives

Damaging jaw and facial impacts, and heat-related injuries, are preventable. ThermoPact is here to educate coaches, parents, and athletes about the real dangers of these sports injuries and to deliver an affordable, innovative solution to defeat them. 

Play safer, and have more fun, wearing the ThermoPact MouthShield!